Cecilie Mossige
"My project is mostly a search for the connection between surface and content, as well as trying to find out how much "ugliness" or "repulsiveness" the work can contain without actually turning ugly or repulsive."
Cecilie has shown her work at Blomqvist and Rådhusgalleriet in Oslo, Talente 2003 in Munchen, Hå Gamle Prestegård  in Norway. She exhibited held her first one man show at Drøbak Kunstforening.

She exhibited at Akershus Kunstnersenter in 2004 and Kunstnerforbundet in 2005, both in Norway. Three large wall pieces were also be shown in China and the US in the exhibition "Norwegian Clay".
In 2007 she had a one man show at Kunstnersenteret Møre og Romsdal in Norway.
"I'm interested in duality, so I try to make my work appear as being a little bit difficult to categorize. In a way, you could say that my work is balancing between being drawing, painting and ceramic wall relief.

Thematically, I seem to concentrate on feminine identity. Although I always start with a general approach to an identity issue, I end up visualizing it from a feminine perspective. I guess being a woman has a stronger impact on how I perceive the world than I would like to believe.

Using the familiar symbol of the fashion model, I try to visualize the struggle between the perfectly controlled surface and the always present decaying bodily chaos underneath it.

For me the body is a metaphor for the society as well as a representation of an individual."