Tibake til hovedsiden til Gry Hege
Gry Hege Rinaldo
My work deals with the female body and different states of mind.
The reason for using the female body as the subject matter is that I find it crucial to identify with my own work, using myself and others as models.

The models I use function as tools to express  states of mind which are of a universal character, -recognized by women and men alike.
I take photographs of the model and use them as sketches and source-material for
my paintings and drawings. My work is not of a photorealistic character; I don`t
fully use the qualities of the photograph. However, it`s all staged in a theatrical
manner with strong light sometimes cast on certain parts of the body.

I find my work linked both to the traditional and the contemporary representation
of the nude. Traditional in the way I use the human form as the subject, and the way
I handle the painted and the drawn surface. Contemporary in the way I pose the
model`s body, the perspective and the cropping - and also that the nude is expressing
a certain temperament and individuality which avoids a situation where the woman
becomes just an object.