Gunhild Vatn
The attractive and the grotesque are united in my porcelain objects. Visual associations have an impact on the total experience of the works, and these reflect a deeper artistic idea: to provoke a confrontation with pain that is legitimised by culture. My interest focuses on the individual’s interaction with culture, religion and rites.
I have used various medical instruments as a motif, The activity signified by such tools is sharply contrasted by the fragility and beauty of the porcelain instrument. My porcelain objects range from copies and imitations of instruments to abstractions, approaching a curious and unrecognisable transformation.
My intention is to bewilder and play on ambiguity with the objects that are both aesthetic and urgently uncomfortable. The work is supposed to get an immediate grip on the viewers’ feelings and agitate them. I try to cultivate an industrial expression, technically unassailable, as a contrast to human vulnerability so that form and material balance subtly between disgust and fascination.