Nils Erichsen Martin
Born in Scotland, Nils completed his MFA at the National College of Art and Design, Oslo, in 1993. The following year he continued his studies as a visiting artist at the Leedy/Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City, USA.

In 1998, Nils won the Jury’s Prize for the most creative work of art with the sequence “Rotorhead” at the spring exhibition in the Steen Gallery, Oslo, and in 1999, he was awarded the National Two Year Scholarship for Young Artists in 99, and another in 2000, Martin also received a three year scholarship in 2006. He has held solo exhibitions in Norway at Tegneforbundet Gallery (2000), Format Bergen (2001), Bomuldsfabrikken Art Hall (2002) and Blomqvist Auctionhouse (2007). Since 1994, Nils has participated in numerous group shows throughout Europe.

His work is represented in The West Norway Museum of Applied Art, The Trondheim Museum of Art as well as The National Museum of Art in Oslo.